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Capri - 1

Capri is a fun-spirited, talented graphic artist who lends her creativity to authors to help fulfill their wishes by designing award-winning covers.

Capri is also an author in her own right, with an amazing sense of humor.

E.J. Thornton

E.J. Thornton - 1

EJ Thornton's interests are quite diverse and extraordinary. From electronic products, to books, to photographic products and publishing/marketing services, EJ through her company Books To Believe In, LucidLights, LLC and SubliThings love to help other entrepreneurs make it in the marketplace!

EJ is an author of many books, but the first book she ever released was called Angel On Board. Everything that EJ has done since as an entrepreneur has been because of this book. She is the author of over 20 books and is married to an amazing genius and loves to create products that compliment the books she writes and publishes.

EJ Thornton's author page at Amazon.com

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