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Amazon monitoring service: Amazon sales rank and review reporting service.

If your book has ever sold on Amazon, then it has a sales rank. If the sales rank drops then you have likely had a sales event. You need to know when this happens so you can visit the page and see if you are a best-seller in any category or if you have a review with text that you can use on social media.

You can personally monitor this, but your time will be much better spent in other places, letting our programs be the watch dog you need for this information so you can take immediate action which is the key to keeping sales momentum going. **Your book must be sold through Amazon for this.

If you have a Kindle and a physical book, they will both be included for the one price.

Sales Rank and Review Monitor

  • I'm so glad we started this service or we'd have missed out on the biggest publicity event we've had to date. Our book was mentioned in Essence magazine, and as soon as the copies hit the shelves, our sales started to skyrocket. We got notifications about being a best-seller, but we didn't know where the sales were coming from. And if we didn't have this service, we wouldn't have even known about the sales. But we got to react, research and find out what was happening because we were made aware of sales from the very first one because of this service!

    We found out that Essence magazine had listed our book Secrets to Creating Passive Income as one of the top books that people who are 'rich' know about! It was an amazing ride!!!
  • This is such an amazing service. I could tell how my social media plans, my publicity or my TV appearances were affecting my sales in almost real-time (not quite, but almost!). This is a must-have service if you don't want to be sitting in front of your computer and pressing 'REFRESH' every 10 seconds. Let Empower Publishing's service monitor this for you.
  • I love the sales rank service, but I love knowing as soon as there is a new review. I can comment on it or use an excerpt in my social media. I can be so responsive to my market. It is so much fun!

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